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Międzynarodowy Panel Ekspertów- Lipidologów zaprasza na webinaria (w języku angielskim)

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Dear Friends, 

I would like to kindly inform you that we are starting a new educational initiative within ILEP - ILEP WEBINARS (https://ilep.eu/webinars-2020/

The first 4 webinars on the diagnosis, prevention and effective mamangemnt of hypercholesterolemia we start at 23rd of June (see attachment you may use; with the last one on the 3rd July) with the experts from CEE and Southern Europe, and mainly for medical professionalists (but also for patients organizations) from these regions. But, I would like to strongly emphasize that the webinars are open for everyone that would like to participate and discuss the most critical issues from this field (after simple registration: https://ilep.eu/registration/) - https://ilep.eu/join-webinar/ 

In fact, based on my discussions with Partners, I plan to have the 2nd series of ILEP WEBINARS 2020 in October after EAS congress, as well as a series of ILEP WEBINARS 2021 (at least 1 per month) - for which I would like to invite ILEP experts from other regions, especially from Asia and Southern America, but also from Europe and US. Please therefore let me know your initial interest to participate in such webinars. 

But now, I would like to kindly ask you to share the information on the forthcoming webinars: 

- within the members of the National Society you represent in ILEP as well as on the webpage of the Society; 

- to your friends, colleagues, associates, that you think might be interested in the subject of the webinars;

- on your public social profiles in order to further promote this unique meetings. 

What is more I would like to kindly invite all of you to participate in the webinars, and to take part in the discussion, which is going to be after short presentations, during which we would like to answer on all critical questions on the presented subjects (I plan to have discussion for about 45 minutes). 

If we are successful now with these first webinars, I have a promise, it is going to be a continued educational activity of ILEP, therefore I do count on your help and support. 






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